Tan Wu Meng, Pritam Singh, Alfian Saat

A racist Chinese PAP MP has told a Malay writer to appreciate his “minority rights” in Singapore, saying that minority races should not criticise the Singapore government because they would be denied education and a living if they are living in other countries in Asia.

PAP MP Tan Wu Meng wrote an article on state media, attacking WP MP Pritam Singh, an Indian-ethnic Singaporean, for supporting Malay writer, Alfian Saat, over criticisms on the Singapore government:

“This man grew up in Singapore. Singapore gave him his education and he earns a living here. An education and a living that is denied to many minorities in the region.”

The PAP MP’s racist attack was dismissed as a political attack by opposition MP Pritam Singh.

None of the Indian and Malay minority groups in Singapore spoke up against the Chinese PAP MP, out of fear they will face repercussions from the PAP dictatorship.