Phase 2 crowd

As soon as Phase 2 started on Friday (Jun 19), the Singapore government dropped all policing of social distancing and condoned overcrowding in markets, coffee shops and public transport.

Written like a perfect recipe for coronavirus transmission, hardly anyone is observing social distancing in Singapore. Photos of overcrowding surfaced on the internet, and hardly any NEA officers are policing the neighbourhood.

Water droplets are flying across tables in humid coffeeshops as groups of diners spent more time chatting than eating. Drinkers at restaurants stood around chatting around in groups, signalling a repeat story from South Korea’s reinfection.

The Singapore government took the liberty of setting the shortest social distancing of 1m, as compared to the rest of the world’s standard at 1.5m.

Community transmission is now on the rise, but the Singapore Ministry of Health is depressing reporting of new figures by reducing the number of tests done each day. In the day before Phase opening, the health ministry revealed that only those aged 45 years old and above with acute respiratory infection symptoms will be tested.

This means all asymptomatic and those aged below the cap are not allowed to be tested – hence significantly covering up the actual rate of infection in the island country.

Unlike countries that have re-opened their economy, Singapore did not do any mass testing. The number of daily testing has been covered up. Phase 2 opening was scheduled regardless the fact that Singapore is still reporting hundreds of new cases each day.

Singapore now has 41,615 confirmed cases, with 142 new cases reported yesterday – making it the leading virus epicentre in Asia alongside Indonesia.