Photo of Sylvia Lim, Low Thia Khiang and Pritam Singh from Today

One of the key factors why the ruling party PAP dictatorship is kept in power is because of three corner fights. Like in all elections, “shell opposition parties” like Red Dot United and PPP quickly formed before the elections and suddenly declare their candidacy as if anyone is pleading them to contest.

Taking account of these spoilers presence, Singaporeans need not worry so long as they support the leading Opposition parties like Workers’ Party and Singapore Democratic Party.

In fact, the PAP will lose majority power if Singaporeans just vote for both WP and SDP. In GE2015, WP contested 28 seats, while SDP contested 19 seats. The two leading opposition parties taking 47 out of 89 seats could mean they can form a coalition government making the PAP an opposition.

The key strategy making this work is to ensure this 2 major opposition parties do not contest against each other. Fortunately, the two never once contested against each other.

Spoilers in opposition politics is very common, and they are mostly stubborn old men with both a fat belly and a staunch fantasy believing they are popular with the people. Think Goh Meng Seng, Ravi Philemon and Kenneth Jeyaretnam.

These spoilers will not listen to the people’s call for no three-corner fights. Criticisms like “low quality” and “appearing only during elections” have been directed at them, but they feigned ignorance and passed these criticisms to serious players like Low Thia Khiang.

You heard how “out of touch” is often being used to describe the PAP, but these spoilers who call themselves “opposition” are worse. Losing several elections should have proved Singaporeans clearly rejected these jokers, but these old men treat the election like 4D and their candidacy a betting ticket, thinking they are going to strike gold every 5 years. They create new parties and made themselves leaders because they think “hey if I am the sect-gen, it means I will always get to contest.”

They can lose the election and point the blame at others, without looking at themselves in the mirror. They never once realise that the only common factor behind why they never win, is themselves. Changing a political party is never going to help.

With my special privilege where I am out of reach from Singapore censorship in this election, I have the obligation to shoot these spoilers down so anti-PAP support will not leak away from major opposition parties. The few percentage points have proven necessary in neck to neck elections.

One of my key roles in strategy is simply to shave off these small margins from the spoilers. Kicking the PAP dictatorship out is a reality, only when we have unique strategies like this. People like Goh Meng Seng have no shame, and they need people like me to shame them.

Alex Tan
GE Strategy Leader