Changi Prison

Singapore’s community infection rate is higher than expected, after 5 unlinked caseswere found from a routine health testing.

The Singapore Prison Service (SPS) on Thursday (Jun 18) confirmed the 5th unlinked case, who is a foreigner prisoner on social visit pass. The government said that the inmate was asymptomatic, but did not disclose his earlier locations before the imprisonment.

There has been four prior cases between April and May, according to the SPS. The first prisoner tested positive on April 21, the second inmate on April 22, the third inmate on May 9 and the fourth a healthcare worker on April 24. The SPS claimed that all 5 cases are unlinked.

The Singapore government is currently reducing the number of testing by excluding patients exhibiting acute respiratory infection aged 44 years old and below. No mass testing was done, but the government reopened the economy yesterday (June 19) in order to call for the General Elections.