Crowded train in Singapore

After weeks of cover up, Singapore’s Ministry of Health today revealed that a total of 14 staffs working in public transport have caught the coronavirus.

The 14 appeared to be infected during work, and they likely have infected commuters.

In a move to play down the seriousness of the transmission, the MOH said they were unable to find any evidence:

“In particular, MOH’s investigations have also not established any epidemiological links between 14 Covid-19 community cases who are public bus and train staff, and the passengers they may have transient contact with.”

MOH refused to reveal which train or bus services were affected by the 14 infectious staffs.

The health ministry insisted that one will not get the virus in public transport, despite medical evidence stating otherwise:

“The risk of transmission from encounters involving transient contact such as on public transport is low. The risk of getting infected with Covid-19 is highest in an individual who has had close contact with a confirmed Covid-19 case in work, social or household settings.”