Minister Gan Kim Yong, Lawrence Wong and Ong Ye Kung

Singapore’s Ministry of Health has came up with a new policy banning COVID testing for patients aged 44 years old and below.

The government yesterday announced that only those aged 45 and above with acute respiratory infection will be allowed for testing:

“The risk of severe COVID-19 infection increases from age 45.”

The Ministry of Health did not explain why patients of all ages are not tested, and no timeline was given despite numeral earlier promises for a mass testing.

Reducing testing has brought down confirmed cases to below 300 in recent week. Singapore reported only 257 new cases yesterday, while tens of thousand infection remain undetected in the community.

Singapore government deliberately covered up the number of daily tests done each day, as they reduce testing rate to bring down confirmed cases.

The suppression of testing rates is needed to justify the Phase 2 reopening, and the upcoming General Election. The ruling party dictatorship has used the COVID outbreak as an excuse to ban election rallies and limit opposition presence, while their PAP candidates get full coverage from the 158th-ranking state media.