Foreign worker dorm in Singapore

In an update on the state of foreign worker infection yesterday, the Ministry of Manpower claimed that 75,000, living in 132 dormitories and 14 purpose-built dormitories, have been “cleared” of COVID-19 infection.

At least 10,000 have resumed construction work, but their numbers will still be excluded from so-called community cases.

Not all of the foreign workers in this “cleared” dormitories test negative, as the Singapore government have been discharging cases after 21 days despite them still testing positive.

The Ministry of Health refused to disclose how many tests were done each day and how many of the discharged patients still test positive. Health Minister Gan Kim Yong has earlier promised that they won’t be infectious.

The manpower ministry said that it is trying to reduce the living space density by building new dormitories and refitting unused state properties like unused HDB flats and schools.

This however have brought down property values of surrounding residence because foreign worker presence in the precinct is notorious for their association with bad hygiene and high crime rate. There has been numerous molest and rape cases conducted by foreign workers in Singapore in the past decade.