Chan Chun Sing

Former army general Minister Chan Chun Sing is now churning out advice how to remodel businesses and make the same amount of profits with less customers:

“Companies will have to change their business models to adapt to safe-distancing rules when Phase Two of Singapore’s reopening starts on Friday (June 19).”

The PAP minister who has never worked a day in the private sector said FnB outlets should get customers through booking only:

“For example, some food and beverage (F&B) outlets are already planning to stagger their customers’ bookings, so that there is a limit on how many people can dine in at any particular time belt. This is a common practice among restaurants during special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day or Chinese New Year.  While the capacity is reduced at any one time, the turnover is increased, so you get back to about the same number.”

Minister Chan Chun Sing said FnB outlets can make more money by telling customers to eat faster:

“Another way eateries can boost their earnings during Phase 2 – when eateries are restricted to serving groups of no more than five people and tables must be spaced at least a metre apart – is by reducing the amount of time each customer can spend dining in, allowing eateries to serve more people. These are some tangible examples that the industry has come up with and implemented to continue doing business even with restrictions in place.”