Millionaire PAP Minister Gan Kim Yong

Singapore Health Minister Gan Kim Yong yesterday confirmed that Singapore will be easing restrictions and go into Phase 2 of the economy reopening by June 19.

This is despite reporting hundreds of daily new cases each day and crossing the 40,000 mark just two days ago. No mass testing is done, but the PAP minister is rushing Phase 2 so he can call for the General Elections.

Minister Gan Kim Yong did not say the numbers have come down, and instead claimed the numbers are “stable”:

“The number of community cases over the past two weeks since Singapore exited the circuit breaker has remained stable. The incidence of cases in migrant worker dormitories has also declined, and there are no new large clusters emerging. This paves the way for phase two, where most activities can resume.”

Among the reopening includes:
-Dining-in, personal health and wellness, as well as home-based services such as private tuition, enrichment or piano lessons can resume, except for singing or voice training classes.
-At restaurants and hawker centres, each table will be limited to five people.
-Retail shops, parks, sports and other public facilities, including stadiums, swimming pools, golf courses, playgrounds, bowling centres and fitness studios, will also be able to reopen. This applies to similar facilities in private settings such as condominiums and clubs.
-Registered clubs and societies will be allowed to operate at their registered premises
-Face-to-face visits at nursing homes can also resume with precautionary measures in place.
-All healthcare services and services for seniors, including traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), aesthetic services, eldercare services and senior activity centres, will gradually be allowed to reopen.

Restrictions like wearing a mask when outdoor and social distancing of 1m (shortest in the world) will remain. No Singaporean is allowed to travel overseas either.

The ruling party government also announced that the election will be called in Phase 2, by disclosing that election walkabout can only be conducted in group of 5.