Causeway border

Malaysian authorities yesterday announced that they saw 3 imported cases from Singapore – a 9 month old baby, 13 year old girl and a 54 year old woman. The three are all Malaysians.

According to Malaysia, for the period between April 3 to June 15, there has been a total of 45 imported cases from Singapore.

The news came after Singapore broke its 40,000 infection and the Singapore announcing restrictions to ease by June 19.

Currently, Malaysia has only 8,494 confirmed cases, whereas Singapore has nearly five times its figures at 40,818. Singapore also reported 214 new cases yesterday, making it the biggest coronavirus cluster country in Asia.

Malaysia lifted interstate travel on June 9th, but continue to enforce a ban on Singapore travel. The Malaysian government also mandated all Singapore arrivals – including Malaysians – be quarantined for 14 days and made to pay all costs including tests and hotel fees.

The Singapore government manipulated reporting figures into so-called community cases, attempting to trick the world into believing the outbreak is under control. Health Minister Gan Kim Yong described the hundreds of daily new infection as “stable”.