Photo of Lee Hsien Loong from CNA

Lockdown, circuit breaker, social distancing, quarantine and no outside dining. For more than 2 months since April, Singapore was unable to ease restrictions as it continued posting hundreds of new cases each day.

A miracle cure ended the lockdown measures yesterday bringing Singapore out of Phase 1: the General Election.

No mass testing was done, and the Ministry of Health even covered up the number of daily new tests done each day. The solution all along has been an election.

Group gathering ban has been lifted, so the PAP can organise walkabouts. Dining out is now allowed, so PAP candidates can now meet residents outside.

In the name of addressing the outbreak, PAP ministers have also been posting political speeches on national tv since last week. The speeches had nothing new to announce, and they reeked of political canvassing with only promises and fake news of how the outbreak is now “under control”.

What the PAP government did is simply worsening the state of infection – exactly like what they did in February telling Singaporeans not to wear a face mask in public.

The only consequence of such mindless politicking is a surge in infection, and this time, the hundreds of new cases each day will not be isolated to foreign worker dormitories.

Then again, what is a few thousands of human lives so long the PAP remains in power? Dying for the country is something to be proud of, according to the PAP of course.

Alex Tan
STR Editor