Causeway border

On June 9, Malaysia eased movement restrictions and allowed inter-state travel. The Malaysian economy is back up and running, but the there is still no sign of reopening up the borders with Singapore even after a week.

Travel with Singapore remains banned as Singapore is still reporting hundreds of new cases each day. Yesterday, Singapore’s confirmed cases crossed 40,000 cases and 407 new cases.

Malaysia refused to accept Singapore’s propaganda, which manipulated reporting figures by claiming that so-called community cases are only of concern. Nobody outside Singapore trusted Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s claim that “situation is under control”. No other nations opened up travel with Singapore either, except for China which has since reported a second wave in infection.

Most Malaysians have expressed reluctance to reopen the border with Singapore because the outbreak in Singapore is out of control. Many have called for the Malaysian government to uphold the ban until Singapore is able to bring down their infection rate.

Malaysia’s Prime Minister also announced that further restrictions will only be lifted by end August, meaning the Singapore border ban will continue until then. There is however no guarantee the border ban will not continue, as Singapore’s coronavirus outbreak remains out of control.

This means Singapore’s economy will be hit harder due to the shortage of cheap Malaysian workers. While Malaysia can survive without Singapore, the latter will crumble without daily food and manpower supply.