Lawrence Wong

Singapore’s National Development Minister Lawrence Wong told Bloomberg in a televised interview that he is looking to reopen the economy in June – openly disregarding the rate of infection that has surpassed 40,000 yesterday.

Despite reporting hundreds of cases each day and a rise in community cases, Minister Lawrence Wong claimed Singapore is “on track” to ease restrictions:

“Singapore is on track to lift more restrictions on companies and residents by the end of June, and expects practically the entire economy to reopen in that phase. With the start of phase two, we expect virtually the entire economy to be reopened — shops, F&B, dining, social interactions, but there will be limits on the number of people who can get together.”

Minister Lawrence Wong told the US media that infection is “under control”:

“Based on the current assessment of the situation, I think the situation remains stable, the infection is under control, so we are indeed planning towards a Phase 2 reopening before the end of the month.”

Singapore reported a total of 40,197 confirmed cases with 347 new cases yesterday.

When asked for an exact date for opening, Minister Lawrence Wong said he is unable to confirm.