Crowded train in Singapore

Despite heavy propaganda about coronavirus situation “under control” in Singapore, the PAP dictatorship saw a new surge of so-called community cases to 18 today (Jun 12).

This is three times the weekly average of 6, according to the Ministry of Health a day earlier.

Total new cases came at 463, meaning the foreign worker dormitories remain breeding ground for the deadly COVID-19 virus.

Among the 18 cases are so-called community cases, which the ruling party government claimed has zero interaction with those isolated in the dormitories. Only 5 of the 18 were identified as close contacts of previous cases, while the rest were infected from unknown sources in public.

The surge in community infection came after the PAP government hastily announced the opening of schools, construction sites and workplaces on the ending of circuit breaker at June 2nd.

Social distancing on public transport was also lifted as the government grew complacent.