General Gan Siow Huang buttering up to the dictator

PAP candidate for Bishan Toa Payoh GRC, Gan Siow Huang, has began her political campaign ahead of the election announcement with Straits Times featuring her as “the first woman” to be an army general in the military dictatorship.

Campaigning before the election is legal only for PAP candidates in Singapore.

In the political campaign sponsored by the ruling party PAP, Singapore newspaper Straits Times wrote:

“Ms Gan Siow Huang made history in 2015 when she became the first woman brigadier-general.”

Aside from being a woman, the PAP candidate offer no other appeal to voters and she is tight-lipped on current affairs.

General Gan Siow Huang has since resigned her position from the army, for undisclosed reasons.

The PAP candidate has since been given a Deputy Chief Executive position at a NTUC subsidiary, E2I.

Gan Siow Huang has no experience in the private sector and she has no policy-making or management knowledge. Despite having no relevant qualifications or experience, the ruling party dictatorship however prefer to have military and uniformed personnels because they are obedient and willing to take orders without questioning.

The slew of new PAP candidates are mostly civil servants, military men and senior executives of government-linked corporations.

Army generals who became government ministers have screwed up their ministries like Tan Chuan Jin with Manpower Ministry and Chan Chun Sing with Trade Ministry.