Screenshot of overcrowded Expo

The Manpower Ministry yesterday announced that 5,500 foreign workers out of 40,000 have already commenced working from Tuesday (Jun 9).

No test was done before they were allowed out of the dormitories.

40 out of 60 dormitories have been labelled “Covid-free” by the ministry and 40,000 foreign workers were “cleared”. However, an undisclosed number of these “cleared” workers still test positive.

Manpower Minister Josephine Teo earlier told the state media:

“8,000 are dorm residents who have either tested negative for Covid-19 or tested positive but have since fully recovered, been discharged and are now living with their fellow workers.”

Foreign workers are also forced to download a government app, called the SGWorkpass. The app will indicate by colour whether a foreign worker is cleared to start work (green) or not (red).

Singapore yesterday reported 451 new cases, where the majority are foreign workers.