Lee Hsien Loong

A fake survey published by a little known investment group has claimed that Singapore is the 4th-safest country in the world during the global pandemic.

The writer of the investment-funded survey, Deep Knowledge Group, did not publish their assessment results and how they came out with the ranking. A huge component of their parameters were labelled “not publicly disclosed”. You may view the report here.

Countries like New Zealand (ranked 9th), Australia (ranked 8th), Taiwan (ranked 16th) and China (ranked 7th) that have completely controlled or eradicated the coronavirus are ranked below Singapore, which still report hundreds of new cases each day.

The survey also censored the flag of Taiwan, and poured praises for the Singapore government calling it “meritocratic”.

The Singapore ruling party dictatorship is now using the dubious survey as its poster propaganda to cover up its failure of controlling the coronavirus outbreak.

Using CPF-backed funds of Temasek Holdings and GIC, the Singapore government is notorious for bribing key institutions and figures in the world to shore up its international standing. World Health Organisation member, Dale Fisher, was offered a directorship at Singapore hospital NUH in exchange for WHO’s praises of Singapore.