Minister Gan Kim Yong, Lawrence Wong and Ong Ye Kung

An employee with the National Centre for Infectious Diseases has revealed that the Singapore government is conducting less swab tests each day as compared to a month ago, in a move to bring down confirmed cases.

According to the whistleblower who told States Times Review over a messaging app, the government was testing 6,500 to 8,000 tests a day in early May. This testing rate has since dropped to, at his estimation, only half at around 3,000 to 4,000 tests a day after the circuit breaker was declared ended on June 2nd.

There is also a difference between testing done on a new suspect case and testing on a quarantined case. Most of the tests done – which Minister Lawrence Wong claimed is at 12,000 a day – were on quarantined cases so to discharge them quickly. Each quarantined case will need two negative tests to discharge, and there are 12,634 still quarantined in government facilities and 269 in hospitals.

No mass testing has been done on the population yet, and the backlog of foreign workers in dormitories – about 130,000 remaining – are not completed yet.

Singapore today reported only 218 new cases.

A check with past reports found that the Ministry of Health had on multiple occasions reported “fewer tests done”, like on June 5th. The ministry had earlier in May faulted a laboratory for not observing “proper procedures” that led to wrong results produced.

The government refused to reveal the number of tests done each day, despite segregating foreign workers infection from so-called community cases.

The Singapore ruling party dictatorship is intending to call for the General Election in July, and based on circumstantial evidence, the PAP is lowering testings to cheat voters over the government’s performance on the coronavirus outbreak.