Lawrence Wong

Speaking in a heavily Hainanese-accented English, National Development Minister Lawrence Wong delivered the government’s second propaganda speech this evening (Jun 9).

(You can watch Lawrence Wong’s embarrassing speech here.)

Minister Lawrence Wong told Singaporeans in the national broadcast that they should stop depending on the government and instead “learn to live” with the coronavirus – warning Singaporeans to watch their “behaviour and mindsets”:

“We must therefore adapt to Covid-19, and learn to live with it over the long-term. This does not depend upon Government actions alone. Every one of us – government, businesses and individuals – must do our part. What’s critical is people’s behaviour and mindsets.”

The PAP millionaire minister denied that his government has neglected the derelict foreign workers living conditions in dormitories, and claimed that the coronavirus infection occurred despite “improvements over decade”:

“The outbreaks occurred despite improvements that have been made to the dormitories over the past decade.”

Singapore is currently the coronavirus epicentre of Asia, with daily new cases reported in hundreds.

In the televised broadcast, Minister Lawrence Wong gave more promises saying he will improve further:

“We will also need to review and improve living arrangements for migrant workers.”

Minister Lawrence Wong then made a U-turn of his earlier policies, where he dismissed the need for regular testing for construction workers before starting work:

“Workers in construction, who have accounted for a substantial number of Covid-19 cases in Singapore so far, will have to be tested regularly and comprehensively.”

Minister Lawrence Wong also claimed that the Singapore government is doing 12,000 tests a day, despite refusing to disclose the new tests done each day:

“In early April, we were doing about 2,000 tests a day. Now, we are able to conduct about 13,000 tests a day, and we are on track to reach 40,000 tests a day in the coming months.”

In the rest of his speech, Minister Lawrence Wong poured heaps of empty compliments to Singaporeans:

“Singaporeans have shown their grit, adaptability and resilience during the two-month circuit breaker period. And as Singapore prepares to re-open the economy, they will need to continue to show the same ingenuity and resourcefulness in this new phase… Instead, adversity has brought out the best in us – both individually and collectively. We have found strength and confidence in one another. We have shown that we are capable of rising above ourselves and caring for others.”

The ruling party dictatorship is about to call for a General Election in July, which they timed with the so-called “second phase reopening”.