Lee Hsien Loong just wasted 22 minutes of everyone’s time talking nonsense and making no new announcement in his national broadcast.

The Singapore dictator started off praising his own government claiming that “new cases have come down” at the so-called community level. Lee Hsien Loong even described the hundreds of daily new cases in foreign worker dormitories as “stabilised”.

Lee Hsien Loong went about the rest of his speech telling the obvious saying the economy is getting worse, retrenchment and unemployment rate going up. The out of touch millionaire leader then advised Singaporeans to “pick up new skills to stay employed”.

The dictatorship then ended his speech bringing up his deceased father, Lee Kuan Yew, and how the ruling party PAP gained Independence in 1965 from Britain and Malaysia. He said Singapore today can overcome the coronavirus like his father’s generation did.

No new announcement is made, despite calls for more cash handout support for citizens and easing of retail restrictions.

Five other ministerial speeches will be broadcast from June 9 to June 20.