Millionaire ministers

Rushing to reopen the economy, the Singapore government revealed that they have discharged 3,900 patients in the 5 days from May 29 to Jun 2. A vast majority of the 3,900 patients were discharged because of a new 21-day policy, who are positive cases – which the Singapore dictatorship promised will not be infectious:

“All COVID-19 patients who are assessed to be clinically well by day 21 of illness can be discharged from the hospitals or community facilities without the need for further tests. The patient is no longer infectious beyond this period.”

This is three times the average discharge cases, and at least 3,000 patients are believed to test positive.

The Lee Hsien Loong dictatorship refused to disclose how many positive cases were discharged.

Singapore claimed that other countries discharge positive cases too:

“Countries like South Korea, United Kingdom, the United States, Estonia and Ireland, typically discharge patients after seven to 14 days after the onset of symptoms.”

This is however not true as none of the governments mentioned admit to the shoddy practice. Neither does the World Health Organisation or any medical authority accept that a COVID-positive patient will not be infectious after a certain number of time.

Singapore’s so-called community cases jumped back to double digits in the past 3 days after the circuit breaker was ended on June 1st. The number of unlinked cases is also on the rise, and more asymptomatic, but infectious, cases have been detected.