Gan Kim Yong and Lawrence Wong

Singapore’s Ministry of Health (MOH) has screwed up again by discharging a patient who still test positive, and the victim died from the coronavirus 2 weeks later after discharge.

The deceased 41-year-old China national who works as a construction worker in Singapore, was said to have “recovered”, according to MOH:

“The patient, Case 11,714, recovered from the infection and was discharged on May 17. But he collapsed on Thursday (Jun 5) and the coroner has certified the cause of death as massive pulmonary thromboembolism following the infection.”

The Singapore government recently changed their discharge criteria, allowing positive cases who were quarantined for 21 days to be discharged. The MOH refused to disclose how many discharged still test positive.

The change in policy saw a surge in discharge cases, which the ruling party PAP government claimed is a sign of Singapore overcoming the coronavirus crisis.

Singapore reported 344 new cases today (Jun 6), with 37,527 confirmed infections. The PAP government blamed the foreign workers for the infection and manipulated the data to prioritise so-called community cases.