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Less than 3 days after the government announced the end of the circuit breaker, the so-called community cases is now back to double digit with 15 reported today (June 4).

The local health authority was quick to play down the severity of the surge, by claiming that all 15 cases are asymptomatic. Nonetheless, they are all infectious.

New cases totalled at 517, meaning Singapore is still unable to contain the infection since its lockdown on April 7. The Singapore government is the slowest in the world to control the pandemic as compared to the rest of the world.

New Zealand took only 11 days to bring new cases to single digit while China took about 1 month.

Singapore currently reports the highest daily new cases in Asia. Singapore has earlier declared the “end” of the circuit breaker on June 1st, but stringent movement restrictions remain.

Despite propaganda about “more freedom”, Singaporeans still face instant S$300 fine with no warning from patrolling government officers called “safe distancing ambassadors”.