Photo of Gan Kim Yong from thestraitstimes

Less than 6 days after announcing face shields is allowed in place of face masks (May 26), Health Minister Gan Kim Yong made a U-turn and ban face shields yesterday (June 2).

The PAP millionaire minister did not explain why the sudden change in policy and did not apologise:

“People will have to wear face masks instead of face shields when they leave home, following a review of an earlier policy. We decided that face shields are not as effective as masks in reducing the risk of virus transmission.”

Minister Gan Kim Yong now described face shields as unsafe, contradicting himself a week ago:

“While face shields may provide some protection, the design of face shields typically leaves a gap between the face and the shield, which means that the wearer could still be depositing droplets. This is unlike masks.”

Although face shields are now declared unsafe, the PAP minister said he is making exceptions:

“Only specific groups will be allowed to wear face shields in place of face masks. This includes teachers, as it might not be practical for them to wear face masks while teaching. Those with medical conditions which prevent them from wearing face masks, such as those with breathing difficulties, will also be exempt. Children 12 years of age and under are also allowed to continue wearing face shields.”

This U-turn however is not new, back before March, the Health Minister said there is no need to wear a face mask because he claimed the coronavirus is not airborne.

Singapore is the leading coronavirus epicentre in Asia today with daily infection averaging over 400.