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Cardboard collectors, cleaners and security guards who lost their jobs are now struggling in their slum HDB rental apartments. With very few government handout, the poor are now struggling to survive in Singapore, which is now Asia’s leading coronavirus epicentre.

An elderly cleaner who lost his job at a coffee shop said he went around the city to collect tin cans and cardboard to sell. With the lockdown in place since April 7, he is unable to sell the recyclable material and ended up “stocking” them in his HDB rental apartment.

When asked if the government handout is sufficient, the old man said the money all went to his 93 year old mother who he lives with. The scrawny Singaporean elderly said he eats as little as possible to get by.

The Singapore government last gave a coronavirus handout of S$600 in April, and there has been no update since.

This is in contrast to foreign workers, who are still getting paid their salaries for not working, and they receive free food, lodging and transport sponsored by the Singapore government.