Singapore Police enforcing circuit breaker measures

The Singapore government today declared the “end” of Circuit Breaker lockdown, but with nearly all of its restrictions are to stay, Singaporeans are still being forced to stay home.

Police officers and social distancing enforcers will still prowl the streets to issue S$300 fines without warning. Repeat offenders will be arrested. Nobody is allowed to have their meal in public. Travelling further than your neighbourhood is banned. Companies are disallowed from conducting business on site unless necessary.

Schools are only open partially for small groups.

All in all, there is barely any changes under the new term called “Phase 1”. Despite the new name, the suffering continues.

Under heavy propaganda messages, the Singaporean public were told the coronavirus outbreak is now under control. This is however fake news.

Daily new infection continue to hit above 600 each day, and so-called “community” cases continue to be reported. In short, this has been status quo since April 7.

Recently, the ruling party dictatorship churned out more fake news propaganda, with Health Minister Gan Kim Yong promising that COVID-19 patients who test positive are “no longer infectious” after 21 days. The discharge criteria was manipulated to boost discharge numbers and ration the use of testing kits which Singapore is desperately short of.

So far, only Vietnam and China had donated face masks and testing kits to Singapore. It is an embarrassment, considering that Singapore’s labour market widely abuse and exploit Chinese and Vietnamese workers. The arrogant Singapore dictatorship also often refer them as third world countries.