Screenshot from POFMA-Office

A single man scored 4 records at the list of “Declared Online Locations”: Alex Tan.

Facebook pages of States Times Review, Singapore States Times, Alex Tan’s personal page and National Times Singapore.

According to the Singapore government, Alex Tan faces a fine up to S$40,000 and/or a term of imprisonment up to 3 years for each Facebook page. In total, Alex may face S$120,000 fine and a 12 years jail. This excludes additional imprisonment charges and fines from refusing to obey POFMA orders 5 times.

Unable to digest independent news reporting from Australian-Singaporean Alex Tan, the Singapore ruling party dictatorship quickly passed the POFMA law using its parliament majority.

Singapore ministers had earlier tried to discredit Alex Tan by calling him “fake news”. But Singaporeans do not trust the PAP dictatorship, and supported the Singaporean who is on self-exile in Australia since 2015.

The Singaporean public continued to follow Alex Tan’s articles despite the government shutting him down at least 6 times over 5 years.

Alex Tan, who has since obtained Australian citizenship, said he can only comply with Australian laws in Australia and it would be treason to obey a foreign regime’s order like those from North Korea, China and Singapore.