Gan Kim Yong

Singapore’s dictatorship government has again dishonestly covered up infection in the country. Four cases of 3 inmates and 1 nurse, were detected from the Singapore prison in its media address.

When asked by the state media when were these cases detected, the Singapore Prison Service refused to respond.

Two inmates had since been discharged, and the nurse has recovered and gone back to work:

“Three inmates at Changi Prison and a staff nurse working there have tested positive for COVID-19 as of Friday (May 29). All four cases are unlinked. Two of the inmates have been discharged from that facility and the third remains clinically well. The staff nurse, from a medical service provider, has recovered and is back at work.”

The Singapore government did not release the news until today (May 30).

The dishonest ruling party dictatorship is also covering up the number of new tests done each day. Two days earlier, Health Minister Gan Kim Yong announced that positive cases will be discharged by the 21st day “if they are clinically well”.