Foreign worker dorm in Singapore

Singapore ruling party government continued to defend its high infection rate in their report yesterday, claiming that the daily new cases are high because of “extensive testing”:

“We continue to pick up many cases among work permit holders staying at dormitories, including in factory-converted dormitories, because of extensive testing at these places, as part of its process to verify and test the status of all workers.”

602 of 611 new cases are foreign workers residing in lock-downed dormitories.

So-called “community” cases, were reported at 9, the highest in a week. The Ministry of Health said 5 out of the 9 were picked up from routine screening. The authorities again refused to disclose the number of daily tests done on the “community” and foreign worker.

In measuring the success of their version of lockdown measures (called “circuit breakers”), the corrupted dictatorship refuse to acknowledge the total new cases as the standard, and divert their attention only on “community” infection.

Singapore has a total of 33,860 confirmed cases and its daily new cases is the highest in Asia. Foreign governments who earlier praised the Singapore government now retracted their statements and describe them as “one of the biggest failures in the world now”.