Millionaire ministers

In preparation for the upcoming General Election, the Singapore government accelerated the discharge of COVID-19 patients. The Ministry of Health discharged 1,018 COVID-19 patients, but it refused to reveal how many of them tested positive.

Health Minister Gan Kim Yong yesterday announced that COVID-19 patients who test positive, can be discharged after 21 days if they are “clinically well”. The PAP minister promised that these patients are not infectious, citing unknown “local and overseas” research.

No foreign government acknowledge the “21-days discharge” standard, neither does the World Health Organisation recommend so.

The Singapore Health Ministry had earlier revealed they discharged 18 positive cases on May 16, and it stopped reporting thereafter.

The government reported 373 new cases yesterday, bringing the total confirmed cases to 33,249. Singapore is currently the biggest coronavirus cluster country in Asia, while everyone else had partially reopened their economy.