Lawrence Wong

When questioned for the details of Phase 2, National Development Minister Lawrence Wong struggled to answer and said he “may or may not” open certain entertainment and retail businesses:

“As for activities that involve large groups of people gathering in enclosed spaces like libraries, museums, bars, clubs and movie theatres, they may not reopen at the beginning of Phase 2 but they could still open up later but still within Phase 2.”

The statement confused the media, who asked what then is the difference between Phase 2 and Phase 3. Minister Lawrence Wong did not explain and also declined to provide a date for Phase 2 or Phase 3.

As for face masks, the PAP millionaire minister warned Singaporeans the authorities will still give “no-warning” fines and jail repeat offenders.

When asked if Singapore’s airport can reopen for tourism by Phase 2, Minister Lawrence Wong said air travel is strictly for business:

“If the business says, ‘look, if my people cannot move around, then I might relocate to another country’, then jobs will be lost. Having these arrangement does not mean that we will allow mass market travel, which I think will take a lot longer to resume, not just in Singapore, but also internationally.”

No country has agreed to open air travel with Singapore, and the minister said he is still “discussing”. The PAP minister declined to comment which country he is in talks with.

Minister Lawrence Wong also threatened businesses to “take responsibility” or face government shut downs:

“Businesses must be aware that if a case were to emerge in their workplace setting, if clusters were to emerge later, they run the risk of having their entire outlet, business or shop closed for quite a while. I think this should give every incentive for businesses to take responsibility.”