Singapore Police enforcing circuit breaker measures

A Russian was given ample leniency by the Singapore Police on numerous occasions including making death threats against a police officer. On Dec 7, 2019, 40 year old Russian, Larionov Andrei, was caught for molesting a woman at 12.54am outside Club Le Noir in 3C River Valley Road by grabbing her buttock.

A police officer who attended to the molest case, was then told:

“I am fucking going to kill you.”

The Singapore Police did not make any arrest or press charges after that.

4 months later on April 20, Larionov was caught by government officers for not wearing a mask at Orchard Plaza. At the same mall, he spat onto a man and said:

“If this is Russia, I will shoot you.”

Two days later on April 22, he harassed a woman at Geylang Lorong 32 and caused public nuisance by shouting indiscriminately while drunk. 10 minutes later he cursed at a police officer, and he was not wearing a face mask.

No arrest was made.

On May 2, he harassed two police officers at the guard house of the police’s Tanglin Division in 21 Kampong Java Road. 5 minutes later, he strapped naked at the same guard house. This is when he was finally arrested.

Larionov now faces multiple charges in court, but the Singapore Police declined to comment on the case.

Singaporeans are now appalled at the leniency given by the Singapore police for foreigners, as compared to the treatment for Singaporeans. An elderly Singaporean was earlier arrested by the Singapore Police at Boon Keng for not wearing a face mask.

The Singapore state media censored his photo in their media report.