MOH Director Kenneth Mak (left), Minister Gan Kim Yong, Minister Lawrence Wong, Minister Josephine Teo; Ministry of Health press conference

Singapore’s Ministry of Health played down the severity of community spread but claiming that the 12 pre-school staffs who tested positive are “old infections”.

The ruling party government claimed that they are not infectious despite testing positive:

“The evidence suggests that these are not active, fresh infections, but old infections. The test results suggest that these staff members have all recovered from the infection. As a result, it is our evaluation that none of these staff members are currently a risk to either other colleagues within the pre-school setting, or to the children who are supported and cared for by pre-school staff. And this of course means that they are not infectious.”

There is no evidence that a positive patient will not be infectious.

The Ministry of Health also did not explain why since the 12 are not infectious, why, in an earlier announcement, were some preschools shut down and children who came into close contact with the staffs were quarantined.

Aside from publishing fake news, Health Ministry’s Director Kenneth Mak also took the opportunity to praise the government’s circuit breaker calling it “very effective”:

“It reaffirms our assessment that previously, prior to the circuit breaker, there was some level of community spread. But with the circuit breaker in place, we’ve seen community active cases coming down very significantly, consistent with our assessment that the circuit breaker has been very effective.”

Singapore’s circuit breaker measures have extended unofficially from June 2nd, with a new name called “Phase 1”. There is no date when Phase 1 will end.