Gan Kim Yong

Health Minister Gan Kim Yong today announced that the Singapore government will discharge all COVID-19 positive patients who are “clinically well” on the 21st day – with immediate effect.

None of them will be tested. This practice is unheard of in the world and deemed unacceptable by all other government health boards including the World Health Organisation.

“We will be revising the criteria for the discharge of Covid-19 patients such that those who are clinically well by the 21st day after the onset of illness can be discharged without the need for further testing.”

The Singapore minister promised Singaporeans that none of these positive cases will be infectious:

“This revised approach will allow recovered patients who are well and no longer infectious to return to the community in a timely manner.”

Health Minister Gan Kim Yong said the new move is based on “research”, which he was unable to provide the source for:

“The move to adjust the criteria was decided based on research here and overseas, which shows that Covid-19 patients are no longer infectious after Day 21 of the respiratory disease.”

An earlier study released by the Singapore government, claimed that COVID-19 patients are not infectious after 11 days. This prompted mockeries from China media with many calling the Singapore government ludicrous.

The new criteria come a day after Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat said he want to call for the election as soon as possible.

The Singapore government recently reported a spike in discharged cases, but the dictatorship did not reveal how many of these discharged are still tested positive.