MOH Director Kenneth Mak (left), Minister Gan Kim Yong, Minister Lawrence Wong, Minister Josephine Teo; Ministry of Health press conference

In Australia’s Victoria state alone, a testing “blitz” is being carried out. 100,000 tests were completed in a single day. China’s Wuhan even churned out 1.47 million test results in a single day.

These are old news last week. The two cities have since opened up their economies and their people have gone back to work.

Over in Singapore, the PAP leaders who often boasts about having an efficient government is still struggling to test 320,000 foreign workers. The testing started in early April and it is soon closing June, but testing is still not completed yet.

Health Minister Gan Kim Yong claimed that the government is testing “about” 8,000 a day. But no daily test figures were reported. The health ministry even had the cheek to take a break on weekend Sunday, saying “less tests were done”.

8,000 tests a day is not mass testing. It is a joke. Even a 100,000 tests a day will take 57 days to complete testing the population.

This is the dangerous part: when mass testing is not done, Singapore is reopening its economy knowing there are numerous infections not picked up.

This means there is no “second wave”, it is after all still the same batch of virus carriers that were hidden among the population. This also means more people will be infected once they are let out into society.

How did Singapore get it so wrong? Did the PAP government not have full political powers and make government policies as they deem fit?

Both dictatorships and democracies like Vietnam and Australia have kept the coronavirus outbreak under control. This means there is nothing wrong with political systems handling a pandemic.

No one is in the way when the PAP government wanted to impose a circuit breaker overnight, there is no protest, no opposition, no civil rights group and no naysayer in the POFMA nation. The dictatorship always have full absolute control of Singapore, and the PAP can do whatever they want anytime.

Even countries with troubled politics like Malaysia and Hong Kong have all controlled the infection. Their politicians are not even paid a fraction of ours in Singapore.

There is no information gap, and definitely no shortage of medical professionals in Singapore. So what went wrong?

Competency level of the leadership that is. Clearly exhibited in the crisis, the PAP government under Lee Hsien Loong is grossly incompetent. Today, Singaporeans are now suffering unnecessarily because of poor leadership.

The PAP government lack intelligence to make correct decisions and navigate the country out of troubled times like today. The only solution is to remove them because Singaporeans can only give them so many chances. The PAP had their chances, they squandered it and it is hence time to remove them.

Voting for the PAP is like choosing a path of regrets. Every mistake they commit, Singaporeans pay with their wallet and for some, their lives.

Alex Tan
STR Editor