MOH Director Kenneth Mak (left), Minister Gan Kim Yong, Minister Lawrence Wong, Minister Josephine Teo; Ministry of Health press conference

Barely a day after Health Minister Gan Kim Yong claimed “success” and announced the ending of the circuit breaker measures on June 1, the number of new community cases hit a new daily high again today (May 21).

A total of 448 new cases were reported today, with 14 being community cases. There is a total of 29,812 confirmed cases in Singapore, the highest in Asia outside China.

More bad news followed, with 4 cases being elderly aged from a nursing home in Simei, Orange Valley Nursing Home. 3 new cases were found from the screening of preschool staff.

There was also a new death, a 73 year old Singaporean. The death tally is 23 now, with an additional 9 which the government claimed is not attributed to the coronavirus.

On May 19, Health Minister Gan Kim Yong said that the average weekly new community cases had dropped to 3 and made numerous rash announcements including opening up the airport for transit from June 2.

Dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong also told the state media that “circuit breaker measures were working”.

After the boasting, 8 new community cases surfaced on May 20, and 14 today on May 21.