Lee Hsien Loong at Ren Ci nursing home earlier before the outbreak

Despite segregating infections from dormitories, Singapore saw a surge in “community cases” yesterday with 8 new cases. This is four times the weekly average touted by the authorities.

The Ministry of Health also further manipulated the reporting figures, and reported that only 2 Singaporean and permanent residents were among the new cases.

Among the 8 new community cases include 3 unlinked infection. A 30 year old Filipino national working as a nurse at an old aged nursing home, Ren Ci Community Hospital, was also reported.

The government gave no details on the nurse, like when the onset of symptoms first occurred and when she last worked at the old aged home.

Health minister Gan Kim Yong yesterday also announced that the airport will be open for transit passengers. Some of the passengers on repatriation flights are infected. The PAP minister who screwed up the outbreak in Singapore promised “stringent measures” that local staffs at the transit lounges will not be infected.

There will be no foreign arrivals, as none of the countries in the world Singapore approached want to open their borders to Singapore, Asia’s biggest coronavirus cluster outside China.