Josephine Teo in Parliament

Singapore’s ruling party dictatorship has denied corruption links with Temasek Holdings-owned company, Surbana Jurong. The company which were given government contracts to set up quarantine facilities at Singapore Expo, is managed by Manpower Minister Josephine Teo’s husband, Teo Eng Cheong.

The Singapore dictatorship said that there has been no profiteering, but it did not admit that Surbana Jurong could have incurred hefty losses as numerous events and exhibitions were being cancelled during the pandemic.

The Ministry of Health and Ministry of National Development said in a joint statement that they are willing to reveal the costs and expenditure figures, but they did not do so:

“The Government accepts that legitimate questions can be raised about the spending, and is fully prepared to explain why and how money was spent.”

The dictatorship threatened that it is going to sue anyone who dare continue calling them corrupted:

“However, the Government will respond firmly and appropriately to any scurrilous allegation of corruption.”

There is also the budding question why the Manpower Minister’s husband is the CEO of a government state-owned company.

Singapore citizens largely condone corruption and cronyism because they feel powerless against the dictatorship government. The ruling party PAP often taken legal actions against any form of criticism.