NDP Singapore

Singapore’s ruling party dictatorship has ruled that the National Day Parade “must continue”, and that the government is going to set off fireworks with no live audience on site.

Aerial shows featuring F-15 fighter planes will also continue. The cost for the fireworks and aerial shows will total at least S$30 million.

When asked if there were any scenarios under which this year’s NDP could not carry on, organiser of the NDP, Brigadier General Frederick Choo, told the state media:

“The show must go on. We would bring NDP to Singaporeans on Aug 9, come what may. We believe that as long as there’s a Singapore, there will be an NDP.”

The army general also said he has arranged for parades of 200 people parade in the morning segment and 80 to 100 people parade in the evening segment. This however contravene social distancing regulations, which BG Choo did not respond.