Photo of Josephine Teo from TNP

Singapore Manpower Minister Josephine Teo has sent legal threats to two individuals – Jolovan Wham and Donald Liew – who criticised her cronyism link with her Surbana Jurong CEO husband.

The PAP millionaire minister said she wants S$1,000 in payment from her critics:

“I understand that I am legally entitled to substantial damages for these serious and baseless allegations. However, I do not intend to pursue the matter further, or to claim damages, if the allegations are publicly withdrawn, and apologies given. This has been made clear in my lawyers’ letters. The two persons are to make a donation of $1,000 each to the Migrant Workers’ Assistance Fund.”

If the two does not pay up, they face bankruptcy orders from the government-pliant judiciary which always rules in the PAP favour.

The organisation for donation nominated by Minister Josephine Teo, is managed by former PAP MP Yeo Guat Kwang.

The Singapore government had earlier issued contracts to Surbana Jurong’s Singapore Expo, to use the exhibition halls as quarantine facilities without a tender. The decision saved Surbana Jurong from hefty losses, that could have otherwise incurred as all events have been cancelled from the lockdown measures.

The Singaporean public has since pointed out that the CEO of Surbana Jurong, Teo Eng Cheong, is the husband of Manpower Minister Josephine Teo, and that he has benefited financially from the government arrangement.

No Singaporean has ever win against the dictatorship government in its local courts.