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Numerous White foreigners were let off the hook by government’s social distancing officers when they did not wear their masks and gathered to drink beer at Robertson Quay.

The Singapore government did not deploy any enforcers to bars and pubs area popular with Caucasian foreigners, and the ang mohs were allowed to cycle without a face mask and helmet.

Photo of ang moh cycling without face mask and helmet
A group of ang mohs gathering to chat without face masks

This is in contrast to draconian-level enforcement in HDB neighbourhood, where numerous elderly Singaporeans have been arrested and fined for not wearing face mask.

Earlier in April, PAP Minister Yaacob Ibrahim promised all fines will be issued with no warning. The first offence warrants S$300, while subsequent ones will be S$1,000 and a jail sentence.

The Singapore authorities today said they have banned the shops in Robertson Quay from operating takeaway alcohol, and did not mention if any fine was issued.

Singapore is a class-based society where White foreigners are at the top, locals at middle class and foreign workers from Asia at the bottom.