Photo of Gan Kim Yong from thestraitstimes

Singapore’s Ministry of Health today announced now they are releasing COVID-19 positive patients from quarantine facilities. 18 positive infected were released from NTUC D’Resort, because the government promised they “are no longer infective”:

“Eighteen COVID-19 positive patients who had stayed at community care facility D’Resort between 38 and 51 days were discharged after it was determined that they were no longer infectious to others. The 18 patients, who were clinically very well and had stayed at D’Resort for prolonged periods, were referred to a medical review committee. These patients had persistently tested positive for COVID-19. The committee deliberated on each of these cases individually and determined that the patients are shedding dead viral components, detectable through the PCR test, but which are no longer transmissible and infective to others. After careful consideration, the Ministry of Health decided that these individuals can be cleared for discharge.”

The Ministry of Health said these 18 infected can return to community after a further 7 days self-isolation:

“As an added precautionary measure, these patients are required to be home quarantined for a further seven days.”

There is no information given on the 18 positive cases, and it is believed these are individuals with links to the corrupted ruling party PAP government.

Singapore is Asia’s biggest coronavirus country cluster today, with daily infections averaging over 700.