PAP MPs sleeping in Parliament

Minister Grace Fu has reiterated that any form of full broadcast for the Parliament is banned, when requested for live streaming and recording to be made available for public access.

The PAP minister refused to explain why, and stated that such recording will change Parliament into “a form of theatre”. Minister Grace Fu also said Singaporeans are not interested in Parliament proceedings:

“Live broadcasts of Parliament risk turning the House into a “form of theatre” and do not add to transparency… Demand for such broadcasts was low. Viewership of major speeches such as the national Budget that are broadcast live remains only a tenth of that of free-to-air TV news… We therefore have no plans to broadcast Parliament sittings live and risk changing the tone of proceedings in Parliament.”

Opposition MP Leon Perera raised the proposal to recording of the Parliament because the Singapore state media cannot be trusted to report factually:

“It is different from first hearing about something through media reports before you even see the clip.”

The Singapore media is ranked 158th in the world for credibility.