Gan Kim Yong and Lawrence Wong

Health Minister Gan Kim Yong and National Development Minister Lawrence Wong are now officially ignoring the daily new infection figures, and they are determined to reopen the economy. Among the new measures, include allowing foreign workers to resume work from June 2.

Minister Lawrence Wong in his announcement today:

“The construction sector can gradually resume operations from June 2, starting with critical projects and while adhering to new safe management guidelines…Projects will be given the go-ahead.”

The PAP minister promises “safeguards” at constructions sites and “regular testing” of workers to mitigate the risk.

Also present at the press conference was Health Minister Gan Kim Yong. The PAP minister said he expects the number of Covid-19 cases to increase when more activities are allowed to resume.

When questioned by the media if the Singapore government has achieved success “flattening the curve”, the PAP minister refused to answer.

Minister Gan Kim Yong also made no mention of the 793 new cases reported on Friday (May 15), and instead said “community cases” have been declining since the government took actions on April 7:

“The number of daily new cases in the community has been declining after it peaked at 58 cases on April 8, a day after the circuit breaker period kicked in.”