Photo of Josephine Teo from The New Paper

Manpower Minister Josephine Teo today wrote on her Facebook page saying Singaporeans should not be alarmed by the hundreds of cases reported each day on foreign workers:

“We should not be overly alarmed.”

The PAP minister claimed that the numbers are high each day due to testing, and claimed other countries, without specifying who, are reporting low figures because they did not do enough testings like the Singapore government did:

“The large number of reported cases among our migrant workers today reflects our current approach to aggressive testing. Few countries have tested their migrant populations extensively; far fewer have undertaken to test all their migrant workers, as Singapore has…. As a result of comprehensive testing, the number of reported infections will remain high.”

Minister Josephine Teo has earlier rejected apologising for her mishandling of the foreign worker dormitories, saying that none of the foreign workers demanded an apology from her.