Foreign worker tested in Singapore

Due to the shortage of test kits, infected patients in Singapore are put on a queue to be tested. Everyday, suspect cases showing symptoms are given swab tests, and only given their result two or three days later.

A test result however requires only 3 hours.

The 2-3 days delay for the result means infected patients are returned to their community and not immediately isolated. The solution of this is to use an inverse approach, where every tested cases are positive until they are proven negative. This means everyone who gets a swab test, is to be immediately isolated until they are tested negative.

Unfortunately, the hundreds of “medical experts” with the Singapore government failed to identify this lapse. This is largely due to government groupthink, as the Health Minister – a politician with no medical background – is the sole person to decide the narrative.

With only 8,000 suspect cases each day, at least 400 to 1,000 turned out to be positive. Daily hit rate ranges from 5% to 12.5%, only means there are still too many infected cases not picked up by the government.

Only around 40,000 of the 323,000 foreign workers are tested to date. With a test rate of 8,000 each day, this means completion will not even be ready by June.

Despite telling evidence at this stage, the PAP dictatorship is not even admitting the shortage of test kits. The millionaire ministers have simply shown they are not serious enough to address the crisis. The only solution for Singaporeans is to replace these incompetent leaders with a new political party.

Alex Tan
STR Editor