Lawrence Wong

After reporting 884 new cases and a total of 24,671 confirmed cases today, National Development Minister Lawrence Wong ignored the numbers and announced that he is ready to reopen the economy.

The PAP minister said Singapore is in a “good position” despite having the highest daily infection rate in Asia:

“I think it’s coming together, just as we ease on the restrictions of the circuit breaker and reopen the economy. We are now in a good position to plan forward and ease some of the restrictions … allow more workers to resume work beyond Jun 1, and then gradually take steps to reopen the economy.”

Minister Lawrence Wong also claimed that 20,000 patients will recover by end-May. There are however only 3,225 recovered to date, out of 24,671. It is unknown how he came up with the numbers.

Daily new cases still surpass discharged cases by two folds everyday, and if 20,000 do recover, that would mean Singapore should be double the amount.