Lee Hsien Loong on a swing pushed by his bodyguards

“Keep up the good work”, “Well done”, “You can do better next time”.

When a child made a mistake or did not do well, it is probably alright to give them encouragement and tell them to try harder again.

However, this should not be the case for old men drawing million dollar salaries. who called themselves country leaders. The Singapore government deserves nothing less than criticisms, and it would be foolish of Singaporeans to mollycoddle them.

Like in the case of children, Singaporeans must also draw a line when punishments must be meted out to maintain discipline. For severe mistakes, encouragement only breeds complacency.

The present Singapore government has never been punished no matter how serious the mistakes they made. Common sense says, spare the rod and spoil the brat. The PAP government today is a spoilt brat that deserves serious spanking.

Due to lacklustre government controls, the coronavirus in Singapore has taken at least 25 lives. At least 24,000 are now infected, and everyone has been financially ruined from the lockdown.

Mistakes costing human lives should warrant punishments befitting its severity. Encouragement for the government now can only be poisonous, and counterproductive to future performance. They will never live up to the people’s expectations because mistakes are too easily overlooked,

The solution for tomorrow is that the ministers today face criminal charges instead. It is too late for sorry now, and Singaporeans should not forgive mistakes readily when there is no apology.

Alex Tan
STR Editor