Josephine Teo at foreign worker dormitory

Manpower Minister Josephine Teo declared by herself, that the government will begin “recovery phase” despite daily new cases hitting over 800.

486 new cases were reported today, with a total of 23,822. The Ministry of Health clarified that the figure is inaccurate because one of the laboratories were producing fake results.

Ignoring the high infection rate, the PAP millionaire minister said she wants foreign workers to go back to work:

“We are very mindful that from the worker standpoint, ultimately they are here in Singapore to work. And then from their employers’ standpoint, workers are here to support their business. The main objective of this recovery phase is how to enable this to happen in a safe way.”

Minister Josephine Teo claimed she has planned “a whole stream of activities” to rehouse the foreign workers. The PAP minister gave a lot of fluff descriptions about “safe living”, “safe working” and “safe way” with no details:

“We are now planning a whole stream of activities in order to bring about safe living, as well as safe working for these workers. By safe living and safe working, what we will also enable is for the businesses to continue in a safe way… We are introducing new measures that will help us to look after the health conditions, and to do the health surveillance of our foreign workers in a more comprehensive way.”

Minister Josephine Teo also said she prepared 20,000 pulse oximeters for workers to measure oxygen level in their blood. The pulse oximeters however are unable to detect the coronavirus. The minister did not explain how would the oximeters even make sense in early detection of new cases.