Minister Gan Kim Yong, Lawrence Wong and Ong Ye Kung

The Singapore government made a huge blunder again, this time producing false results for coronavirus patients. 33 individuals who were not infected were wrongly diagnosed and sent to quarantine facilities:

“Thirty-three previously confirmed COVID-19 cases from a laboratory have been found to be “false positives”, including a healthcare worker who worked at the Singapore Expo community care facility. A recent review found that 33 cases from a laboratory were false positives, due to an apparatus calibration issue for one of its test kits. Subsequent retesting of the cases at the National Public Health Laboratory confirmed that these were negative cases.”

The government was however unable to find any “false negatives” from their review:

“No false negative results were discovered in the review.”

As a result, 33 individuals were wrongly sent to quarantine isolation facilities with the infected. There is no mention of compensation to the victims of the ministry’s error. There is also no mention of the status of the 33, who are most likely infected by now.

Health Minister Gan Kim Yong did not apologise for the inaccurate test results, the PAP minister was unavailable to comment on the issue and has instead pushed a written press release via his ministry.

Unlike other countries, Singapore is a corrupted dictatorship where the government cannot be sued by citizens.

There are now 23,336 confirmed cases in Singapore, with 876 new cases reported yesterday.

The Singapore government ran out of test kits despite boastings from Health Minister Gan Kim Yong about raising daily tests from 3,000 to 8,000.